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Prof. Joseph Chetrit

Department of Hebrew Language

פרטי מרצה

From 1.10.1972 till my retirement in 30.9.2009 I was member of the academic staff of the Department of French Language and Literature, where I taught French Grammar, French Linguistics and Pragmatics. From 1.9.1979 till my retirement I was too member of the academic staff of the Department of Hebrew Language, where I taught Judeo-Arabic dialects in North Africa, Sociolinguistics and Sociopragmatics of Modern Hebrew, and Discourse and Text.
I retired with the grade of Full Professor.

Current Academic Positions
Head of the Center for the Study of Jewish Culture in Spain and Muslim areas.
Director of the performing team Tsfon Ma'arav, which performs Medieval Andalusian music and Jewish songs from the North African countries

Current Public Positions
Member of the executive commmittee of the philanthropic association YE'ADIM la-TZAFON, which deals with philanthropic actions and projects for the children and teen-agers in the domains of welfare and education in the north of Israel

Research Areas & Other Interests
French Linguistics, General linguistics and socio-pragmatics
Pragmatics and Sociopragmatics
Study of the Judeo-Arabic dialects of North Africa
Poetics of Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic poetry in North Africa
Study of the Jewish popular and learned culture in North Africaa

Ph.D. French Linguistics
Université Paris III - La Nouvelle Sorbonne 1971

Selected Publications

J. Chetrit, Syntaxe de la phrase complexe à subordonnée temporelle. Paris, Editions Klincksieck, 1976. 226 p. J. Chetrit, La Poésie judéo-arabe écrite en Afrique du Nord: Etudes poétiques, linguistiques et culturelles, Jérusalem: Misgav Yerushalayim Press, 1994. 410 pp. (en hébreu)
J. Chetrit, La Poésie hébraïque au Maroc: Etudes sur des poèmes et des poètes. Jérusalem: Mosad Bialik, 1999, 460 pp. (en hébreu)
J. Chetrit (principal auteur), Le mariage juif traditionnel au Maroc : Etudes interprétatives et ethnographiques, (Miqqedem Umiyyam VIII), Haifa 2003. (608 ppp. + 32 pp. d'illustrations) (en hébreu)
J, Chetrit, Diglossie, Hybridation et Diversité intra-linguistique. Etudes socio-pragmatiques sur les langues juives, le judéo-arabe et le judéo-berbère. Paris-Louvain: Peeters 2007 (XX + 716 pp).
J. Chetrit, Trésors et textures d'une langue. Etudes socio-pragmatiques sur le judéo-arabe en Afrique du Nord et son composant hébraïque: articles, poèmes, récits et proverbes. Jerusalem, Mossad Bialik, 2009 (en hébreu).

Research activities
After some studies in French Linguistics, I focused my research interests on the various aspects of Jewish culture in North Africa, and particularly in Moirocco. For this, I conducted long field works in Israel, Morocco, France and Montreal, and documented, in Judeo-Arabic, life and communal stories, thousands of proverbs, hundreds of women songs, etc., for abour 1500 hours of recordings.

Current research
I am preparing now for publication several books based on my numerous recordings: the traditions of proverbial and formulaic sayings, the oral Judeo-Arabic poetry, the Hebrew component and the secret languages in Arabic of Moroccan Jews, and a theoretical essay on Sociopragmatics and Semiotics of Discourse and Text

Attached Documents
מסמך מצורף Publications



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